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The Little Miracles

The fact is, life is miraculous. So even if you don't have what you want today, at least you've got a miracle. By no means am I interested in a religious or spiritual debate on the subject of miracles. Solely from my experience I see tiny miracles everywhere I go. Some people call them coincidences. Other people have coined the phrase, "is that odd or is that God." I've always liked the word Serendipity. These tiny little miracles, as I've seen, are not given as a reward for good behavior or by asking nicely. It really all depends on me. If I slow down enough to fully open my eyes, the things I see are nothing short of miraculous. My ability to see is to the degree of my willingness to see. A wonderful quote by Wayne Dyer goes, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Lydia and I were walking through the City Centre of Dublin, Ireland. The streets dazzled with conversation, the clanking pints of Guiness, and Irish Trad music carrying the night. As we turned the corner in a pit of tourists and locals mixed, outside on a pub patio sat a young girl and her father. As we pulled a double take, it was the same father and daughter that sat next to Lydia and I on our flight from Chicago to Dublin! In a city of 2 million people I call that serendipity. Last night in Limerick, Ireland, our stop on the bus into town happened to be in front of a tiny shop called, "Serendipity." We stayed with a woman named Paula at her bed and breakfast. We told her we had been convinced to eat at a restaurant called "The Goat" and so we did. First off Lydia and I laughed because I call her "Goat" because of her Chinese Zodiac sign. When we told our host we ate there she said it was the strangest thing because that's where her daughter works.

Lydia has a special liking towards castles for her love of fairy tales and Disney films. While visiting a 500 year old castle we were offered a bed to stay by a native Irish lady named Grace, whom we fancied very much. She was very knowledgeable about Irish history and Ireland's native spirituality of Paganism. Her family Lineage was the McCormick's. Now the McCormick's have a huge association with our home city of Chicago, and on top of this, they came to America and invented the first Caterpillar Harvest Machine. Now I am not a farmer, but I do live in Aurora, Illinois. Home of one of the biggest Caterpillar plants in the nation. We spent the evening over tea being told great stories of the Irish and being educated on proper English speech and mannerisms. On an evening taken off to rest we were brought in by a kind Irish woman named Tracy. We commandeered her kitchen to make some hearty burgers and potatoes. She lived above a small market store. Just when our meal was about ready we noticed we didn't have any ketchup for the potatoes. I sent Lydia downstairs with a couple Euros to fetch a bottle. When she turned the corner the gates were pulled over the front door. As she turned about to head back up with the terrible news, a lady approached. "Can I help you?" She asked. "Oh, no thanks. I didn't realize the shop was closed" Lydia replied. "Well, can I help you?" "I came to buy some ketchup, but we will be fine." "Ah, red sauce? Yes! Come with me!" The anonymous Samaritan pulled Lydia down the alley up into her flat. As they broke the threshold of the kitchen, as Lydia described could only be an act of providence. Lined up across the counter were dozens upon dozens of condiments and sauces. Samaritan opened up the cabinet, filled wall to wall with more condiments and handed Lydia a bottle of "red sauce." "I'll bring it back when we are done thank you!" "That won't be necessary, just keep it." Lydia burst through the door holding a half full bottle of ketchup just as I set the bun upon the last patty. "Did you get hungry on the way up the stairs?" So I encourage you to set aside the things you've been told about what a miracle is or is not and look at all the tiny coincidences in your life. The awe of how the pieces simply just come together. It never was a matter of forcing life to happen; it is watching the miracle that is already here.

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