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The Sign Posts

We pulled into the travel agency to buy a ticket back to the US, 119 days from our departure date. Painted on the window was "visit Ireland"; Amusingly where we are beginning our travels. I'm always looking for little clues from the Universe to tell me "head that way" or "you're on track," or "wrong turn!"

The sign posts are everywhere that lead us where to go next. The challenge is getting over the fact that everything in life isn't clearly laid out. I can't always see how I'm going to get somewhere or accomplish something, but things always seem to just fall into place. The pleasure and ease comes from trusting that the little pieces get taking care of. Letting go of the control of details allows things to work out perfect, as they should. Seeing the "Visit Ireland" sign outside the travel agency is a kind of "you're on track."

What bike do I buy? Especially when I'm not a cyclist, let alone a touring cyclist. On top of that they sell different manufacturers in Europe. Of course I asked around for suggestions from experienced tourers and researched my endless resources online. After scrolling through a bike shop's selection in Dublin Ireland, a bike caught my eye. "Adventure Flat White." Lydia and I work at Starbucks (at least for 2 more weeks) and that's the name of one of the featured drinks. The bike was in the budget too.

The little signs are everywhere, we just got to be aware enough to see them. It may seem insane to make decisions based on little coincidental clues, but it hasn't failed me yet. Out of all the random stuff that makes up one's life, it all has to be held together by something to make sense of it all.

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