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Packing the Bags

Well, here we are with piles of gear, sorting through and minimizing to about 3 pairs of clothes for 4 months. Lydia's got French baguettes and picture ideas on her mind while I'm obsessively researching cycle routes and immigration laws

. We are headed out on a 4 month cycle trip across Europe. A few challenges lay ahead, foremost being that we are not cyclists.

I am turing 27 this month. Earlier today I was at an old friends soon to be house. We stood outside commenting on the architecture and landscape of his beautiful new home him and his new wife are building together.

"Sometimes I take a step back and wonder to myself if I am moving too fast." said my friend. "I know what I want in life, but sometimes I don't know if I'm a little too rushed to grow up."

On my motorcycle ride home I pondered my friends moment of speculation. I realized I inversely ask myself the exact same question, "Am I not moving fast enough, Am I not ambitious enough to buy the American Dream."

The timeline is relative to perspective. The only person I can really compare too fast or too slow to is myself. And if one thing has ever fulfilled my spirit it has been being true to myself, not the vision of someone else. In the greatest respect to the experiences and wisdom of those before me, whom have taught me most everything I know.

That's one thing I've learned over the past 8 years of travel. The best way to travel is to travel the way it makes sense to you. To some, that entails an all inclusive resort with all the food and cocktails you can lay your hands on. To others it is a scheduled itinerary of places and events. And then to a few, it is a step out into the mysterious; no itinerary. Not even plans on where to sleep tonight.

So we are standing in our room with piles of gear, maps, one-way airline and ferry tickets. We don't even have bicycles yet; just a printed receipt that says we bought 2 to be picked up in Ireland. Not to much is sure, other than a complete openness to adventure and surprise. Some see the thrill is the sights and shows. Some know there's thrills in the places they can't see.

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